I had a negative incident recently and thought I would share with you how I cleared it energetically.

I could feel my energy and the energy in the shop being drained. I felt it had been going on for quite some time and asked my spirit guides and guardian angel to ‘show me the truth in the situation’. Within 48 hours a woman sat before me hung her head and told me what she was up to off her own merit. I spoke to a few of my friends, contemporaries who have similar long term experience in the field as me and whom I rate highly. The advice I received overall was to block her energetically to protect myself and the shop and also that I am far to open with people! The shop began to sparkle again and I am feeling so much happier and re-energised. But I still had this awful feeling of hurt and betrayal, the sort that makes you wary of all human beings.
My mind went back to well over a month ago when she had come into my shop and lied blatantly to me and other occasions when things were amiss. Slowly it dawned on me that I had been lied to and used for information. I had an awful painful sinking feeling within me. You may know it, that feeling of being used. Many of my gifted friends and talented councillors, therapists and psychics have been in touch with words of love and support for which I thank them dearly. The underlying theme from everyone was that I needed to get in touch with my anger, that is was good and healthy to be angry over a situation like this.
Lying in bed at 3am this morning I focused in on the feelings of being deceived and used. I raised my anger to clear it energetically. Then a beautiful golden light passed down the length of my body from my head to my feet and beyond then back up again like the flash from a photocopier. I could feel it too like electricity running through my body. It was amazing. I love working energetically and am so pleased I have accessed this level. I lay for a while and began to search for any negative emotions still within me that were attached to this situation, and I couldn’t find anything. Instead I began to laugh and laugh and laugh at all the ridiculousness of life. Surely we are all here on this planet to help each other enjoy the experience. In fact life is a funny thing and when I laughed I knew I had healed and I felt at peace.
I can just sit back and allow the scenario to play out now without any input, trusting that justice will be done.
I so believe in the effectiveness of energy healing that despite the abuse I have felt and financial losses I will endure as a result of all this I will always be there for people and not become jaded with the challenges this line of work brings. But I am wiser now and won’t be drained by her again
Whilst watching the sunrise and listening to the dawn chorus my phone rang, it was my delightful daughter who was changing flights in Amman on her way home after 6 ½ months travelling South East Asia and Australia. She had set the intention to have a marvellous and safe time on her travels and is a shining example of the power of positive thinking and how your thoughts create your reality. Knowing her divine starlight presence would walk back into my life this afternoon I was truly and completely happy. I have so much to be grateful for.
I have felt strongly guided to blog regularly about energy work and the adventures it takes me on. This one, the first one, is such a deeply personal experience. Thank you for letting me share it with you x


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