Mercury retrograde

Mercury Retrograde
Well I don’t know how everyone is feeling but for me this Mercury retrograde is a big one.  With Mercury in four of my houses and four other planets retrograde it most certainly has been an interesting time.

On average Mercury goes retrograde about 7 times every two years for a period of roughly 3 – 4 weeks.  When a planet goes retrograde it looks as though it is going backward in the sky and this period of reversal is known as a retrograde.  Because the planets, including us here on Earth, go around the sun in an ellipse rather than a circle an optical illusion of reverse direction occurs periodically with all planets.

Both Gemini and Virgo astrological signs are governed by Mercury. People with their Sun, Moon or Ascendant in either Gemini or Virgo will be more affected by a Mercury retrograde though it does affect the community as a whole.

In general when Mercury is going retrograde it is not a good time to sign contracts, purchase anything mechanical or electrical as when Mercury goes direct you may not be so thrilled with the commitments or purchases you have made.  Communications can also break down so double check any travel plans. Computers, phones, mechanical and electrical items can breakdown too and be difficult or just more frustrating to sort out during these periods.  But it is a good time revaluate, reassess, review, research and revise any plans, projects or internal work that you may have going on.

At the beginning of the current Mercury retrograde cycle my phone reset itself to factory settings and I lost all my old contact details.  This could have been distressing but I decided to see it as a shedding of the old.  It felt freeing to let go of my past – everything is in our perception.

During this Mercury retrograde cycle my computer contracted a virus which is being sorted by a slightly OCD Gemini computer expert friend who is continually repairing and resolving more and more problems on it daily. It is frustrating but will be resolved by the time Mercury moves into forward motion on the 22nd of May and a new more efficient phase can begin.  Basically he is going deeper and deeper into the computer and resolving more hidden problems.  Mercury retrograde is a time to go deep to repair, to reassess and revaluate the structures of our lives.  A little like the depths of my computer are being repaired and restored so we can make these internal changes during a Mercury retrograde.

Communication on all levels is affected thus the phone and computer problems.  Also the ability to misinterpret what someone is saying  and misunderstand their meaning or intention is heightened.

It is a poor time to embark on a new venture or business.  Instead take this time to really look at and assess any projects you may want to begin.  It is a time to really evaluate the pros and cons and do research into your ideas so that when Mercury is fully direct again you are armed with all the information you need and can move ahead confidently.

Beware of the bookend dates too. These are the days when a planet actually becomes stationary in the sky and then begins to travel in the opposite direct as the energies can be heightened on these days.

It is also wise to respect the shadow period before and after a retrograde as we can still feel the effects of the retrograde during this time.  The pre shadow time is when the planet begins to slow down in anticipation of changing direction. The post shadow time is when it moves forward again and slowly gains speed until it is back to its normal movement.

This year is a biggy with Mercury going retrograde 4 times.  It has already been retrograde from 5.1.16 – 25.1.16 with the shadow period extending its effects from 19.12.16 – 14.2.16.  Take a look back over this time and see if you experienced any delays or setbacks.  I do think a good way to evaluate the validity of astrology is to watch the patterns of you life in respect to the movement of the stars and see for your self.

It is currently retrograde from 28.4.16 – 22.5.16 with the shadow periods running from 14.4.16 – 7.6.16 and I am fully in the effects of its backward movement right now.  How are you doing?

It will go retrograde again on 30-8-16 – 22.9.16 with the shadow periods from 10.8.16 – 6.10.16 so take a look ahead at this one and structure life to accommodate the issues Mercury retrograde will create for smooth running during this time.

And again it will retrograde on the 19.12.16 – 8.1.17 with shadow periods running from 1.12.16 – 22.1.17.  Get your Christmas shopping in early especially if you are buying electrical items and plan for delays in communications and travel over the holiday period.  It’s a great feeling to just say ‘oh it’s the planets’ when anything is delayed or goes wrong rather than taking it personally.

I am not an astrologer I just have a huge interest in it and think it is a fun and helpful way to take advantage of the highs and survive the lows in life.

Good luck with it all
Dianne x




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