Alice’s Ego

Alice is destroyed when her marriage collapses. Her husband, Steve, has set her up to lose everything in the divorce. On the brink of a breakdown, she sets out on an unexpected path into the metaphysical realms of ancient wisdom and philosophy. In Egypt she meets Matilda.

Matilda is impressed with Alice’s divorce settlement and sets Max up so she gets all his assets in their divorce. Alice is impressed with Matilda’s abuse of Max as she would have loved to have done it to Steve.Matilda is a trained witch and uses witchcraft to control the outcome of the divorce and the people around her. Alice warns Matilda that she will go mad in the process.

Alice suffers Matilda’s abuse as this madness acts out; breaking karma, witchcraft and spells.Max is Alice’s true love but Alice won’t pursue this because of her friendship with Matilda. Eventually, Alice is pushed towards Max as she tries to get help for Matilda and their son.

In this novel I gave it all to Alice; abusive alcoholic parents who take their own anger issues out on her, a paedophile across the road, bullying at school, an angry manipulative husband, a friend who totally wants to control her. Then I let her try to cope with the pressures of everyday life.

I hope you enjoy it.

Alice xx

#karma #witchcraft #magic #crystals #Glastonbury #spiritualjourney #novel #goodread #book #holidayread


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