I thought I’d share with you my recent experience.

I had a book in me to write for years. I wrote one layer of it four years ago and felt really guided to close my laptop and let it mature. I went on a crazy adventure for the following three years which lead me to study poetry and attend various writing courses. Eventually the story just flowed from me. Like an ripened fruit the juice of knowledge was now perfectly fermented and gushed onto the page, with little squeezing.

I duly self published. Took it down. Expressed myself better in places until it became a delta of tales leading to a well spring of knowledge that I wanted to impart.

To me that was success. I had gotten my story out of my person and onto the page. I felt I had completed a big mission that I was meant to accomplish in this life time.

Then like so many it sat at the bottom of a list of millions of other self published books. Slowly it dawned on me that a degree in marketing or a lottery win would now be required to get it read by anyone.

I joined a few online author sites and discovered a multitude of people who were all swamped in the same boat as me.

Apparently there is a technique to self publishing that requires much and expensive preparation before self publishing. None of this has do do with content but all with advertising. Having worked hard and saved up to spend a year out of employment to complete my novel, and then with the unplanned for covid-19 causing high unemployment return to work job opportunities are limited. I realise any degree of success would be out of reach.

I had great offers from publishers and discovered what vanity publishing is; and it is not for me. Good publishers only take novels from literary agents, literary agents receive thousands of works a month and may only take on a few per year. How do you get noticed? Ah, be a celebrity with guaranteed sales or have done well in the self publishing market.

So the great and painstaking adventure begins to do well in the self publishing market. I have been advised; start with getting reviews. Get as many people as you can to put a review of your work up on sites. Not reviews from friends or family as these will, of course, be lovely. Real reviews, there is a noticeable difference. To do this you need to get people to read it. Even though it is up on kindle for free how do you get people to spot it amongst the millions of other wonderful works? Paid advertising. Do you see the struggling artists dilemma? But still people need to choose it amongst the others that are advertised. How do you do this? They will choose it from the reviews. Do you see the loop?

Anyway, if you would like to explore an Indie Authors work and read a novel novel. Please do leave a review it really helps and I love feedback in all forms. I also value your opinion.

by Alice Dolphin Stanza

brilliant author of ‘Alice’s Ego’

available to purchase on Amazon for £3.33

or free on Amazon Kindle unlimited.

search http://www.aliceofavalon.uk for details and synopsis

Thank you for your support.


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